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Friendly community living

Members Rights

Members of a housing co-op have a right to:

  • Vote on the annual budget, which sets the monthly housing charges

  • Elect a board of directors made up of people who live in your co‑op

  • Run for the board of directors yourself

  • Receive audited financial statements that show how the co‑op spent your money

  • Pay only a limited portion of your income for your housing, if you meet eligibility rules

  • Live there for as long as you like, if you keep to the by-laws agreed on by the co‑op membership

Waldon Place Housing Cooperative welcomes new Members from a variety of cultural & economic backgrounds; including families, singles & seniors.


We are well managed, newly renovated and well maintained.


We require participation from all of our Members. 


** PLEASE NOTE - Waldon Place Housing Cooperative is NOT currently accepting new applications at this time.

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